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We brought together 22 incredible artists, blindly paired them, and asked them to collaborate on face mask designs. We wanted to see if strangers could MerchWith one other.

Nice to meet you, let's collaborate.

We set up a Shopify store for the creators. To address trust and transparency, Stir will automatically split profits from each sale between them.

Let’s see what they made.

Mask image
Sophie Mazzaro
Man One
Mask image
Vyal One
Mask image
Matt Corrado
Mask image
Zach Shuta
Dave Stags
Mask image
Scott McCurdy
Meg Lewis
Mask image
Noah Camp
Hans Bennewitz
Mask image
Lindsey Kay
Regina La O'
Mask image
Taiyo Minami
Anna Brosgol
Mask image
Alex Rodriguez
Sam Small
Mask image
Madison Byrd
James Herbison
Mask image
Dan Beltran
Artist profit & property
No Splitting Headaches

Creative Control

100% of profits from mask sales are split between the artists, and they retain full creative control of their design.

Creative Non-Friction

Simply Transparent

Collabs require trust, but it can be risky to trust people outside your network.

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MerchWith was built by the team behind Stir β€” we build tools that help creators run great businesses.

MerchWith is our latest β€˜drop’, a one-off project in pursuit of our mission to empower creators. Want to work on the next one?

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